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junio 2015

South Africa: Sauvignon blanc, an essential component of the varietal range

2016-11-28T15:34:04+02:00junio 17th, 2015|Sauvignon Commitee|

(Original text in english) According to Tim James in his excellent book Wines of the New South Africa – Tradition and Revolution (University of California Press: 2013), it is unclear when Sauvignon Blanc was introduced to the Cape, but it was certainly planted at Groot Constantia in the late 1880s and reportedly performed well there. [...]

diciembre 2014

Wining and dining with Sauvignon blanc

2016-10-24T15:11:08+02:00diciembre 17th, 2014|Sauvignon Commitee|

Any discussion about the virtually endless topic of food and wine pairings requires at least a cursory introduction to both the aromatic and taste profile of a varietal with such a distinctive character. Expressive examples – and most, but not all Sauvignon blancs are – offer up aromas ranging from grass to lime, peach to [...]

Sauvignon blanc: Moving upwards and outwards to appeal to a wider audience

2016-10-24T15:11:07+02:00diciembre 2nd, 2014|Sauvignon Commitee|

Sauvignon blanc is as elusive as it is ubiquitous when it comes to pinning down the reasons for its indisputable commercial success and popularity with consumers. Marketing experts and industry commentators the world over are at a loss to explain how the French-born varietal soared to international stardom. What they do agree on, however, is [...]

noviembre 2014

The origins and rationale for Sauvignon Blanc in Spain

2016-10-24T15:11:00+02:00noviembre 15th, 2014|Sauvignon Commitee|

Not many people associate Spain with Sauvignon blanc. Indeed, a few years ago, relatively few people thought that Spain could produce quality still white wine. Until the 1980s, most people were right. Most Spanish white wine was, with a few glorious exceptions, dull. Most Spanish producers were quickly improving the quality and range of their [...]

octubre 2014

Sauvignon blanc – on its own or blended, a truly versatile grape variety

2016-10-24T15:11:07+02:00octubre 28th, 2014|Sauvignon Commitee|

Some grape varieties owe their claim to fame to single varietal offerings, whilst others have reached the pinnacle of success through blends. Only a tiny handful have achieved both, and Sauvignon blanc is one of them. It is not for me to say whether single varietals are better than blends or vice versa. In fact, [...]

Sauvignon blanc en Chile: evolución del concepto productivo y la implicancia sobre el terroir y su expresión en ellos

2016-10-24T15:11:01+02:00octubre 15th, 2014|Sauvignon Commitee|

Se discute la situación actual de los vinos Sauvignon blanc de Chile y los cambios conceptuales en su producción ocurridos en el tiempo. Se entregan antecedentes históricos que llevan a comprender dicha evolución y como ella ha influido en los terroir donde él se produce. Actualmente en Chile, Sauvignon blanc es la segunda variedad más [...]

septiembre 2014

How California provided the catalyst for Sauvignon blanc development in the New World

2016-10-24T15:11:02+02:00septiembre 30th, 2014|Sauvignon Commitee|

Unbeknownst to many, the history and evolution of American Sauvignon Blanc has played a key role in the development of the grape in the New World over the last fifty years. Although produced in many states, Sauvignon production is primarily focused within the warmer regions of California and the cooler regions of Oregon and Washington [...]

The vintage effect illustrated in Sancerre Blanc

2016-10-24T15:11:01+02:00septiembre 15th, 2014|Sauvignon Commitee|

The general climate provides all regional wines with a particular style. However, annual variations can also influence the organoleptic characteristics of wine. Even the slightest differences give personality to each vintage while leaving its essential framework intact. This study aims to better understand what we call the “vintage effect” using Sancerre blanc as an example. [...]

junio 2014

Preserving the ageing potential of Sauvignon blanc wines

2016-10-05T14:45:10+02:00junio 15th, 2014|Sauvignon Commitee|

A wine’s cellaring potential and capacity to age whilst developing its unique character are pivotal to its intrinsic value. What is meant by a wine’s ageing capacity, though? Probably appearing younger than its age – within reason – and, more importantly, becoming more interesting after a few years in the bottle! A white wine designed [...]

mayo 2014

Premium Sauvignon blanc and oak ageing: paradoxes and prospects

2016-10-24T15:11:02+02:00mayo 15th, 2014|Sauvignon Commitee|

A conference organised by the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon on April 10, 2014 in Bordeaux reviewed research work by Valérie Lavigne into ageing issues for Sauvignon blanc and the influence of various types of tanks and barrels. The research was presented by Denis Dubourdieu and Valérie Lavigne, along with Franco-British journalist Sharon Nagel. Presentation by [...]