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mayo 2018

Fransola, el inesperado Sauvignon del Penedès

2019-10-01T12:11:04+01:00mayo 28th, 2018|Sauvignon Commitee|

La familia Torres, pionero en más de un sentido, se trasladó a las alturas para producir Sauvignon Blanc en sus viñedos de Fransola. El periodista y catador de vino Frédéric Galtier analiza cómo superaron muchos obstáculos para preservar el carácter intrínseco de la variedad. La Sauvignon mediterránea a menudo ha concentrado muchas críticas por partes [...]

marzo 2017

Escaparate de honor para Burdeos en el Concours Mondial du Sauvignon

2019-10-01T12:10:19+01:00marzo 21st, 2017|Comunicados de prensa, Sauvignon Commitee|

Más de 860 vinos 87 medallas de oro 65 jueces de 17 países incluyendo China, Sudáfrica y Japón Región anfitriona 2018: Estriria, Austria 21 de Marzo de 2017 (Bruselas, Bélgica): El 8° Concours Mondial du Sauvignon fue acogido por su ciudad de origen, Burdeos, los días 3 y 4 de Marzo de 2017. Un total [...]

noviembre 2016

New York “Sauvignon is a big deal grape and very much the centre of interest”

2019-10-01T12:09:48+01:00noviembre 28th, 2016|Sauvignon Commitee|

(Original text in English) Just as Paris is not France and London is not the UK, New York is a microcosm unto itself. Nevertheless, trends often start in major cities before filtering through to the rest of the country. We asked Tom Geniesse of the Bottle Rocket wine store in New York to describe current [...]

octubre 2016

Oregon – Sauvignon is destined to win back its rightful place

2019-10-01T12:09:14+01:00octubre 4th, 2016|Sauvignon Commitee|

(original text in English) It’s hard to think of any place in the world – other than Oregon – where Sauvignon Blanc was once upon a time significant, then wasn’t, now is again. Dr Paul White recounts the varietal’s rise and fall in the Pacific Northwest State. Although current production is tiny, quality is very [...]

agosto 2016

New Zealand’s Many Regional Terroir Driven Sauvignon Blanc Styles

2019-06-14T11:03:10+01:00agosto 31st, 2016|Sauvignon Commitee|

(Original text in english) Although Sauvignon has played a central role in the Upper Loire and Bordeaux for centuries, and California made the grape’s name famous, New Zealand was the first New World region to cast ‘savvy’ in an entirely new, fresh light. Arguably, no other Sauvignon is as exotically or as intensely fruited (passionfruit, [...]

mayo 2016

Styria: A prime Austrian wine region for growing Sauvignon blanc

2016-11-28T15:29:45+01:00mayo 19th, 2016|Sauvignon Commitee|

(Original text in English) Austria accounts for just 1% of global wine production and although the vast majority of Austrian-grown wines are white, the most widespread variety is not Sauvignon blanc but Grüner Veltliner, which is extensively planted in the country’s two main wine regions. The third largest region, Styria or Steiermark, along the border [...]

abril 2016

The many faces of Chilean Sauvignon

2016-11-28T15:33:18+01:00abril 20th, 2016|Sauvignon Commitee|

(Texto original en inglès) Over the past few years, Chile has evolved into a major producer of Sauvignon blanc with a strong international presence. This month, the Sauvignon blanc steering committee invited Chilean wine writer Patricio Tapia* to shed light on the advent of the varietal in Chile and its subsequent spread to specific wine [...]

marzo 2016

Changing styles of Sauvignon Blanc: is it all about fashion?

2019-10-01T12:08:10+01:00marzo 15th, 2016|Sauvignon Commitee|

(Texto original en inglès) There is no doubt that the flavour of Sauvignon Blanc has evolved significantly over the past few years. David Cobbold looks into how and why the change has come about. I tasted my first Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand when my colleague James Lawther MW brought bottles back to Paris from [...]

febrero 2016

Technologies improving white Sauvignon quality

2019-06-14T11:02:50+01:00febrero 22nd, 2016|Sauvignon Commitee|

The significance of terroir and harvest dates During ripening, these two aroma categories behave in opposite ways. Whereas the level of methoxypyrazines decreases during this phase, the proportion of thiol precursors increases. Hence, terroir and choice of harvest dates lead to very different types of balance between the two groups of aromas – an infinite [...]

noviembre 2015

Verdejo – sauvignon: al otro lado del espejo

2019-06-14T11:02:43+01:00noviembre 10th, 2015|Sauvignon Commitee|

Hace 40 años, bajo el impulso del francés Émile Peynaud y de la bodega Marqués de Riscal, los primeros pies de sauvignon Blanc se plantaron en España y más precisamente en Castilla, en la región de Rueda. El famoso enólogo de Bordeaux no estaba satisfecho con el verdejo, la variedad blanca autóctona local. Aconsejó que [...]