A trusted seal of approval

The judging process is extremely stringent

The expertise of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

The competition is managed by communications agency Vinopres with 20 years’ expertise in wine, spirits and beer competitions (Spirits Selection, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Brussels Beer Challenge)

A team of specialists

checks arrivals of spirits entries and the official accompanying documents, corrects any possible errors and turns down samples that do not comply with the rules.

Optimal tasting conditions

The organizers guarantee optimal tasting conditions for the judges. The judging panels are seated in a properly aired, well-lit and quiet hall where entry is prohibited to anybody not directly involved in the tasting sessions.

Diversity of the judges

The organizers are mindful to ensure there are judges of different geographical backgrounds in each panel.

Blind tasting

Samples are stored in the preparation hall out of the judges’ sight. Judges never see the bottles. Anonymity is a fundamental principle of the competition


50 samples per day

Each panel is given a list of 4 to 6 flights which will be tasted
in the order set out by the organisers, with a maximum of 50 samples per morning.

Sample checks

The organizers can conduct subsequent checks on award-winning entries after the competition, by comparing a selection of those products with an anonymously-bought sample from the same batch. A certified laboratory (‘COFRAC’ French standards) is in charge of the comparative analysis. 

Evaluation process

Competing products are tasted and marked using the tasting
sheet developed by CMB’s technical management based on the model designed by OIV and the International Oenologists’s Union.

Official Recognition

Organisation of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is monitored
annually by the Federal Public Service Economy of the Belgian government, which focuses primarily on the way medals are awarded and distributed.

An international promotional tool

We support winners all year round to effectively promote their results internationally

Enhanced visibility

By touring to a different country every year, visibility is enhanced both for the competition and medal-winning wines. The choice of host country does not occur on a random basis: the organizers target growth markets, both for production and consumption of wine.

Communication campaigns

A trained public relations and press team promotes the competition and showcases award winners all year round. It develops high-impact, targeted communications in a range of markets allowing the spotlight to be turned on award-winningwines.

Internationale exposure

The Competition is positioned as a meeting place for all specialists in the sector. Thanks in particular to the steering committee which constitutes, over the months, an international platform of information. Moreover, with media partners in the world’s leading markets, it ensures truly global exposure.

Promotional events

We promote the competition and prize winners at leading trade shows and media events such as awards ceremonies, Vinexpo, Megavino, Prowein, Vinitaly, CIADE, in Guiyang and Beijing

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A sales tool

Success in the CMS can increase sales and open up new export opportunities

Reliable buying cue

A CMB medal provides exposure for the producer and a reliable buying cue for the consumer. The results are published on our website and promoted via social media.

Sales increase

Medals have an impact on sales: store catalogues(+20% in sales according to retailers)

International markets

Thanks to the development of the World Contest in China and Japan, our medals are paving the way for new international markets, particularly in Asia.

Marketing tool

The winners receive a free marketing tool to promote their awards.

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