Opening date for entries

October 5, 2020

Closing date for entries

February 12, 2021


Registering online

Registering on line is the easiest way to enter your products. Entries will only be processed and samples tasted when the application pack has been completed and the entry fees paid.

If you are entering for the first time, we will send a username and password to access your account.

Online registration page

If you are unable to enter on line, you can enter your spirits on an exceptional basis by downloading registration form and returning it by post, fax or e-mail.


Registration confirmation

Your registration will be confirmed:

  • Completed entry form per wine entered
  • An analysis certificate* issued, an original label and back label
  • Artwork of the label or a temporary mock-up for each entry,
  • Payment for entry in the competition by credit card, or proof of a bank transfer

Procedures for the analysis certificate:
Samples must be accompanied by a copy of the official analysis certificate containing at least the following information:

  • Alcohol content at 20 degrees centigrade (Vol.%)
  • Residual sugars (g/l)
  • Total acidity (mg/l)
  • Volatile acidity (mg/l)
  • Total sulphur dioxide (mg/l)
  • Free sulphur dioxide (mg/l)

Visual of the bottle

It is strongly recommended to provide us with a visual of the bottle for each spirits entered(.doc, .pdf, .jpg, scan…). You can upload this artwork via the online registration form. (in case you decided to participate via the registration document ( sent by email or post), please do not forget to attach the above mentioned document)

Rue de Mérode 60, 1060 Bruxelles – Belgique,
Email :
Téléphone : +32.2.533.27.67


Payment & entry fee

Entry fees start at €110 per sample, with a discount from two entries onwards.

Payment may be made

  • by bank transfer to the account VINOPRES BE 87 0001 2552 7494 (Iban), POTBEB1 (Bank Identification Code) at the Banque de la Poste (B-1000)
  • or by Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit cards by filling in the payment form.
Sample Fee
1 110,00 €
2 218,00 €
3 324,00 €
4 428,00 €
5 530,00 €
6 630,00 €
7 728,00 €
8 824,00 €
9 918,00 €
>=10 100,00 €/éch.

Shipping of samples

Three labelled bottles for each entry should be sent between 4 January 2021 and 12 February 2021 to the address below.

Rue de Mérode 60, 1060 Bruxelles – Belgique,
Email :
Téléphone : +32.2.533.27.67

Full Regulations

Rules of Concours Mondial du Sauvignon (Excerpts)

Article 1 – Organisation

The Sauvignon Concours Mondial is organised jointly by Vinopres s.a. rue de Mérode 60, 1060 Bruxelles, Belgium (Website: organiser of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles since 1994 and consultant for many national and international competitions.

The technical part of the Sauvignon Concours Mondial tastings is managed in its entirety and independently by the Vinopres Company.

Article 3 – Products allowed to compete

The competition is open without discrimination to all wines, special wines and dessert wines produced mainly from the Sauvignon grape. All products must indicate the country of origin where the grapes were harvested and vinified. All these products must be available for sale in containers with a maximum of TWO (02) litres. All samples must be presented in bottles with labels and the original presentation of the marketed vintage, unless specifically exempted.

Each sample submitted must also come from a uniform batch available in quantities of at least 2250 litres and held for consumption. However, when production is particularly low for certain categories of wine, the available lot may be less than 2250 litres but not less than 1000 litres.

Article 7 – Control of received samples

1. THE SAUVIGNON CONCOURS MONDIAL checks the shipments of wine received and the official documents that accompany them, rectifies any material errors and refuses samples that do not meet the provisions of this Regulation.

2. It focuses its attention on the proper use of designations of origin or geographical indications. The labelling of products made in member states of the EU must conform to the regulations, and for other countries, consistent with the regulations in force in the country of production.

3. Then it sees to the distribution of samples following the features shown on the declarations provided for in Article 4 or, if necessary, of characteristics reported.

4. THE SAUVIGNON CONCOURS MONDIAL will guarantee a control of awarded products by comparing a selection of these products with samples from the same lot purchased anonymously. A comparative analysis by a COFRAC approved laboratory will be conducted and a comparative tasting conducted by an independent selection of wine experts. In case of disputes or confirmed differences, the Sauvignon Concours Mondial reserves the right to withdraw the reward obtained by contacting the repression of fraud department or national equivalent and to prohibit incriminated producers from competing in all competitions that they organise and that, for a period of five years.

Article 19 – General Regulations

  • The person signing the application form will be notified by mail of the results of the products presented
  • The results of the competition are final and without appeal.
  • Samples of the products featured in the competition may, after the contest, be used by THE SAUVIGNON CONCOURS MONDIAL for promotional or training reasons. They will not be returned to the producer or trader
  • Participation at the Concours Mondial means an express acceptance and unconditional acceptance of this Regulation.
  • In case of dispute in relation to the Sauvignon Concours Mondial, the courts of Brussels shall have exclusive jurisdiction and Belgian law will apply.