Results 2019

Besides the medals, the international jury panel awarded 6 Revelation trophies to wines securing the highest scores, recognising the excellence of Sauvignon blanc in the relevant categories.

The 6 Revelation trophies went to:

2019 Dubourdieu Wine Trophy:
Domaine Delobel, 2017 Cuvée Exponentielle, Touraine, France

2019 Revelation Unoaked Sauvignon:
Weingut Dreisiebner Stammhaus2017 Sauvignon blanc Hochsulz, South Styria, Austria

2019 Revelation Oaked Sauvignon:
St. Supery Estate Vineyard & Winery, 2017 Dollarhide Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley, USA

2019 Revelation Blend:
Château Magence, 2015 Château Magence, Graves, France

2019 Revelation Organic Sauvignon:
Domaine des Emois2018 Domaine des Emois, Sancerre, France

2019 Revelation Sauvignon from Italy:
Pitars Winery, 2018 Sauvignon Braida Santa Cecilia, Friuli DOC, Italy


Concours Mondial du Sauvignon

Sauvignon’s outstanding aromatic qualities make it one of the most popular varietals across the globe. Consumer recognition prompted the inception of a Concours Mondial or global competition, open to all producer wine regions in both hemispheres.

The competition is designed to:

  • promote good quality Sauvignon varietal wines,
  • boost production and sensible drinking of Sauvignon wines
  • introducing the public to this multi-faceted, versatile grape variety

The Sauvignon grape variety boasts recognition and popularity on the international scene, both at trade and consumer level.

The popularity of Sauvignon blanc prompted us to create an editorial group to promote dialogue

A place of honour for Sauvignon

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