Countries situated in the Carpathian basin and stretching further across the Carpathians prove that appropriate vineyard site selection and microclimate can produce remarkable Sauvignon Blanc wines. Serbian journalist Tomislav Ivanovic, a guest contributor to the Steering Committee, describes the significance of Sauvignon blanc in Moldova, Rumania, Hungary and Slovakia. Tradition and history show that this [...]

Sauvignon Blanc like we’ve never seen before…

© Paul J. White Ever wondered what Sauvignon Blanc might have tasted like 6,000 years ago? Or how about Sauvignon Blanc behaving more like red wine? Dr Paul White explores Sauvignon’s newest frontiers.   Although Sauvignon didn’t exist thousands of years ago, terracotta pots like those that fermented and aged ancient wine have continued in use [...]

Loire researchers arm Sauvignon wine growers for the future

Grapevine trunk diseases and declining genetic diversity are two major concerns for the global wine industry. Loire technical outreach centre Sicavac in Sancerre has been striving to combat both in a joint research programme focusing on Sauvignon blanc. Sharon Nagel takes a closer look at the project. At the turn of the 21st century, [...]

Beyond “crisp and clean” – the emergence of wooded Sauvignon Blanc in South Africa

Sauvignon Blanc has become the go-to grape for myriad consumers worldwide. Christian Eedes, editor of, looks at how South African wine producers are revisiting the varietal to add complexity and interest. Though Sauvignon Blanc occurred in South Africa as far back as the late 19th century, it was only from the late 1970s/early 1980s [...]

Sauvignon Blanc spanning the Alps and the Black Sea

The area of the Balkans discovered the beauty and versatility of Sauvignon Blanc relatively late, but its popularity is now soaring. Serbian journalist Tomislav Ivanovic, a guest contributor to the steering committee, shares some insight into the significance of Sauvignon blanc in four of the Balkan countries. Sauvignon Blanc vineyards began expanding in the Balkans [...]

The advantages of maturing Sauvignon in wood

Aroma is a very significant quality factor for food but for wine, it is probably the character that has the greatest influence on quality. Professor Roberto Zironi explains how wood maturation can be used to preserve aromas in Sauvignon. Many chemical compounds are responsible for aroma in wine. During winemaking and ageing, a number of [...]

Sancerre-Central Loire: The emergence of Sauvignon blanc in historical records

In the 1st century, Pliny the Elder mentioned the existence of vineyards along the banks of the Loire. The discovery, near Sancerre, of wine growing tools – namely billhooks – dating from that period proves that vines were grown there. Grape pips fermented in the 2nd century were found in Cosne-sur-Loire and by the 5th [...]

Revelation Awards Ceremony 2017

The awards ceremony of the 2017 Concours Mondial du Sauvignon took place yesterday during the ProWein fair in Düsseldorf. The winners of the seven Revelation awards received their trophies personally from the director of the competition, Thomas Costenoble.  During the corresponding wine tasting, the producers also had the opportunity to present their wines to the [...]